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too real



how bout it!

Fuse is my favourite and I know that (as far as I can tell) she's basically dead, but I was wondering if there was any possibility that we'd see some more at some time/in some format?

yes! actually! in… a weird capacity. in a really huge project we’re working on on the low with kerberos. i drew a bunch of pages involving fuse like last night even! they are just. maybe not quite what you’d expect! and not something you’ll be seeing for… awhile. probably.

but like yeah for sure


a travesty


we made some shirts out of our comic, nebula

are you wearing a shirt right now? are you enjoying it?

these shirts are exactly like that shirt but cooler



i’m gonna come out in front of this right now and clarify before we get like a bunch of asks and unfollows again or whatever

ghostfruits is an art collective which means basically this blog is run in equal measure by 7 different people

you can identify which of those 7 people worked on any given project by looking at the tags on it

one of those 7 people, me, steven, is a black dude

every single time you see the word nigga on ghostfruits it is because i put it there

so, like, in short, chill