that’s not how that works at all

wow who owns the url

us??? is it us??????????????

bloodtot is a bummer at parties

we created a sideblog called stiurftsohg
its basically a trash heap! we’re gonna just kinda use it as a testing ground for stuff. wips, non original things, weird unused shit. whatever!
follow it if you want! or don’t! no promises!

so is it connected that suns having a personal crisis same time black hole shows up? or does the main cast just have really bad luck that all the shit happens at the same time?

yyyou could

make a case for either or

its slightly more complex than that

Are there going to be more frequent nebula updates like this? Also, will there be more exposition on Pluto and a certain shady disembodied voice (hint hint)?

nah, this was kind of a special occassion type of thing

nebula, along with kerberos and chef orson and any kind of like, ongoing series type deal we have rocking take longer to produce than the average one-off thing, because we wanna make sure everything lines up tonally and stylistically and all. a lot of our one-off content is based on the notion of “lmao sure whatever” and once you start getting into like, part 3s of things, that becomes a less wise strategy

regarding pluto and black hole!

the next nebula that comes out is… signifigantly longer than the ones we’ve done thus far. to the point where like we’re discussing how to best break it into two parts. shit is, like, officially about to get Real and pluto factors into that, like, a lot

and i mean i don’t want to tell you guys too much or anything save to mention that—


Pluto is probably going to die in a bottomless void.

I really really just wanted to draw some Nebula fanart. Yes, this is crappy. Like wtf is with that hand up there?? U gona mug the poor guy? How dare u?? Get ur gribber-grabber clammy meat paws away from him.

Edit: not my character

Go give these wonderful boobs some money. Or just your time. Whatever,


I was kinda undecided about Jupiter before, but this last comic really sold me on him. He really is the leader the solar system deserves. (But not the one it needs right now.)

happy to have convinced you

will the unfinished unfunny Mercury comic show up in the next issue of Real Shit? also good for you for scrapping something that sucks!


also, maybe. we might reconfigure it into something usable, but at this point itd be so irrelevant to like, the rest of the goings on that it’d probably be weird to post it as a full-on installment and make a whole affair out of it so like

hidden within the pages of the next compilation thing is actually probably a really good place for it, should any version of it ever see the light of day


a born leader

(also, hey! did you not enjoy this comic at all? theres a good chance thats because youre reading part 12 of a thing! you should correct that below)